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If you've ever tried to get a description of services and an estimate from on-line book publishers, you know how hard it can be to talk with a real person. It can be even harder to use their automated menu system. If you are lucky enough to get a person on the phone, you still might not find out which services you would actually get or be apprised of the hidden costs if you don't ask the right questions. In addition, you won't get to see and touch actual samples.


When You Call New Hope Publishing, you will receive direct, person-to-person answers to your questions. There are no hidden costs. We make no vague promises. You can be assured of an accurate description and estimate of our services once we have reviewed your materials with you, and understood your expectations. Actual samples of our work are available. Send us a chapter in digital format (such as MS Word or other PC format) so we can make an assessment of the work required on our part.


Our offices are located in southwest Atlanta in the Cascades/Sandtown area.


Call us today! (404) 629-0446. Set an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you and transforming your manuscript into attractive, professional books.


Book Publishing Services Include:

  • Format and Layout Editing – We will ensure that your book is uniform in a number of ways; for example, uniform in the use of font typefaces and sizes, uniform in chapter headings, paragraph and subparagraph headings, indentations, tabbing, multi-level lists, line spacing, margins, headers, footers, pagination — those kinds of things. 
  • Limited Text Editing – We will perform a one last "spell check" just in case you might have missed something during your spell check. We will also do a quick review or perusal of your book looking for obvious punctuation errors [e.g., like ensuring that commas are placed inside quotation marks instead of outside of quotation marks; or the misuse of dashes (-), en dashes (–), and em dashes(—)]. We will also let you know if we run across any wording that appears un-grammatical.
  • Title Page and Copyright Page Preparation – Once the book is printed and distributed, the copyright page establishes the actual copyright.
  • Preparing a Table of Contents (if you want one) – For an extra charge, we will set formatting codes to chapter and paragraph headings so that they appear in the table of contents along with the correct page number.
  • Photos or Graphic Image Handling – We will scan your photos (if necessary), and perform photo editing, and place them and other images in your book in the appropriate places.
  • Cover Design Assistance – If you don't already have a cover design, for an extra charge, we can assist you in developing a cover. Let us know your ideas and we will take it from there. 
  • SBN and Barcode Purchase – We will order them OR you can order them yourself and save $75.
  • Printing – Your book will be printed in the agreed size and on the agreed paper. You'll receive a PDF proof and full-size, hardcopy prototype for your review and approval prior to the book going into production.
  • Booking Binding – Depending on the number of pages, books may be saddle stitched (stapled in the fold – when less than 56 pages) or "perfect" bound (pages glued into a flat spine). 
  • Method of Payment – Once we agree on a scope of work and a price, payment is 50% down and the balance due upon pick up of books.

Where to Find Us:

Atlanta, GA 30331

Phone: 404 6290446

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